Carefully considered details, radically reduced carbon

It starts with the resident

We work with developers to create spaces that people use every day. That’s why we’ve obsessed over everything from layout and lighting to materials and fresh air. Because we believe the little things go a long way in improving our quality of life and our mood.
It starts with the resident
360 view of the apartment360 icon30 view of the apartment

Simple, thoughtful, refined

Our minimalist design offers the perfect pairing of form and function.
Free-Flowing Spaces
Highly-efficient open-plan designs make even studio apartments feel like large living spaces.
Natural Materials
Use of wood finishes elevate apartment aesthetics and create a warm and inviting living space.
Abundant Light and Fresh Air
Floor-to-ceiling operable windows give residents sweeping views and welcome the outside in.
No Detail is Too Small
Thoughtful design maximizes space while minimizing environmental impact.
Welcome the outside in
Welcome the outside in

A large residence with a small footprint

Juno buildings are currently trending toward carbon neutral—a radical reduction when compared to the equivalent residential apartment complex.
Structural Carbon Net Emission
Juno designs on average use 45% less electricity than building codes require.

Powering sustainable living

The improved energy efficiency and embodied carbon of our designs make it easy for residents to live care-free and carbon-free.
Mass Timber
Mass Timber
Use of naturally occurring materials allows us to create apartments that capture carbon rather than produce it.
All Electric
Designed to be 100% electric and ready for renewable energy, including rooftop solar.
Fresh Air & Natural Light
Sophisticated ventilation systems and floor to ceiling windows connect residents to nature, even while indoors.
Our building envelope helps to maintain temperature and maximize energy efficiency.